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Is your site IPv6 Ready?


Is your website among the first to be IPv6 Ready and part of the new era of the Internet?

Your website and most likely your business and lifestyle relies on the Internet and the address space on which it runs. Very soon, the old system of address space will no longer be available but a better replacement exists.

Now is the time to jump the fence from the overcrowded and stripped bare IPv4 address space to the almost limitless opportunity that IPv6 address space presents.

IPv6 is not new, it is well tried and tested and has been waiting in the wings until its older, less efficient predecessor runs out. That time is potentially only weeks away.

Now is the time to make your website and business IPv6 Ready.

What's the problem?

Behind each device, website and email address connected to the Internet is a unique number called an IP address. The old address system that is being used, IPv4, has about 4 billion addresses. In a World of many billions of people where everything from computers to cars to games consoles are connected to the Internet, we are very close to exhausting the supply. Soon there will be no more.

IPv6 was developed over 10 years ago and is used by some of the world's biggest and most advanced companies in the Internet community. Unlike IPv4 which uses a 32 bit number resulting in approximately 4.2 billion addresses, IPv6 uses a 128 bit numbers. This means there are over 340 undecillion IPv6 numbers available. What's a undecillion you ask? Well 340 undecillions means there are enough IPv6 addresses for every atom on earth with a good supply left over, just in case.

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