Frequently Asked Questions

What does IPv6 Ready mean?

If we determine a site to be IPv6 Ready it means that it can be accessed using the new system of IP addressing, IPv6.

More specifically, it means that when we request the IP address for your site using the DNS system, we find that it has an IPv6 record.

What is the difference between the Gold and Platinum standards?

The gold standard means that your site has an IPv6 address. However, in order for a web browser to find that address, it needs to ask a domain name look up service for the IP address (this is called DNS - the directory which turns domain names like into IP addresses).

For your site to achieve our platinum standard, the DNS service which is responsible for handing out the IP address of your website must also be IPv6 ready. If it is, then this means that your site can be exclusivily found and accessed using IPv6. If you only achieve the gold standard, then IPv4 will be required for the domain name lookip.

How do I get my website IPv6 ready?

You need to talk to the people that run or host your website and explain to them that you are aware that the last IPv4 allocations were made this February and that it is important that your site be accessible over IPv6.

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